Appropriate Resolutions for life’s relationships.

Watch for…

Assumptions otherwise known as judgements….ours and theirs.

                            Never assume you KNOW what is real, including intent, remain curious, and get confirmation. Clarity, clarity, clarity!


Perceptionswhat WE ‘SEE’ through OUR lenses, our observations.

                          These are almost always filtered by us and are often different to what THEY SEE (AND EXPERIENCE), also filtered.


Expectations… hopes, aspirations, wants, needs, fears and <what else ????>.

                          Expectations may also be skewer a person's view, and is often based on past experiences, both positive and negative. In conflict as elsewhere, expectations may become self-fulfilling prophesies.


SolutionsHow people try to get their needs satisfied, also seen as 'positions.

                      Positions, their preferred solutions, are also where people often go first as they try to get in those 'first and last' words, even without knowing what's really at issue. Defence of their solutions is also often THE priority as they escalate. Fuelled by a fear of 'losing', 'resolution possibilities are hidden from them. A position is one person’s (or groups') solution to get his/her (or their) needs satisfied.

Text Box: Nothing is easier than self-deceit.
For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true.
Text Box: 	
Managing yourself means managing your APES!


Why don't we/they get along?

Why do we/they agree or disagree?


 To read  about what might be triggering that person’s hissy-fit….

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