Appropriate Resolutions for life’s relationships.

Text Box: "You can't change anyone's behaviour except our own.  
When we change, however, the whole dynamic around the conflict also changes."
When planning to resolve, people need to remind themselves just how easy it is for communications to go sideways, downhill, off the rails or awry (whichever you prefer).

     Humans are imperfect communicators. Sometimes such imperfections and the resulting misunderstandings generate conflict. So when a clash of interests (needs) or values challenges those communicating, conflict always becomes harder to solve. The main thing to consider here is how hard it is for individuals to communicate about complex matters, particularly when circumstances generate emotionally difficult times.


(may be obvious or not, and ignored or not), OR ESCALATION:


   Communications: what is heard and understood by those involved.


   Emotions: those feelings which sometimes make us (and others) 'crazy'. 


   Values: those critical beliefs which often motivate us to do what we believe "…we have to do…."


   Needs: what we believe we need for security, stability, respect, predictability or       ?      .


   Experience: forming our expectations based on situations, people-types, and/or relationships in the past.


   The Resolution Process: (&/or perceptions of…) how we try to resolve differences.

As humans, we, and our lives are shaped and re-shaped by our experiences, opinions, and beliefs (paradigms).

     As we interact with others, We sometimes find that we disagree with their positions, their preferred solutions. As we perceive increasing opposition to our own preferred solutions, we may begin to anger and/or become frustrated (whatever we label our own escalation) with the others' refusal to see our point of view on a subject. We try every which way to convince her/him/them of our "logical and just" solution. When a preferred solution doesn't seem to make a difference to the others involved, tempers escalate, angry behaviour is experienced, then meltdown, or a total (perceived) dis-connect from the resolution process (when other's power appears insurmountable)...more on communicating...

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