Appropriate Resolutions for life’s relationships.

A longer, more detailed version: Human nature and behaviour: my passion throughout life...

     If I've learned anything over the last 40 years of working in 'people' professions, it is that we all react or respond to conflict as we feel we must. Often without regard for the consequences to the relationships involved. And equally important, I’ve seen how for most people, "their perceived reality is their bottom line."

         I’ve also observed over and over again how people behave when differences challenge them. Their consequences also ultimately affect their relationships by either bringing them closer together, or alternatively, creating barriers between them and others. All conflicts and disputes are resolved, although often the consequences are neither foreseen or preferred. 

How i arrived 'here'.

         Born in North-central Europe to Polish parents, Holocaust survivors both, I wanted and needed answers which made sense to me about anything and everything, especially myself. Never accepting "just because I say so" as a sufficient reason to do anything, my favourite directive was and still is “prove it to me.” The lessons were invaluable, helping shape who I am today.

Morphing again and again and again… searching for opportunities to learn and to serve...

         Working on social and societal issues North and South of the border in the late 60s, I moved into negotiating as a profession until 1979, when I jumped at the chance to move again into advocacy work. For the next eleven years, I served as the leader of  a white-collar trade union. Along the way, I also earned an M.B.A., in 1992 a Chartered Mediator accreditation, and more recently, a Ph.D. in behavioural psychology.

         My experiences consistently confirmed that the theories and approaches presented by the Harvard Negotiation Project and negotiating gurus like Herb Cohen were right 'on the money'. Winning without fighting, Sun Tzu's aphorism paraphrased here, was my consistent goal as a  negotiator.

         By 1994 in private practice as an organizational and workplace ‘peacemaker’,  I was fortunate to  recruit an exceptional team of associates under the Appropriate Resolutions banner. For the next fourteen or so years we provided therapeutic services to organizations across Western Canada and the US. I was also privileged to be able to write and facilitate learning for professionals and the  public, another incredibly challenging and satisfying period in my ever evolving life.

         Two of my dreams were also realized during this period thanks to the colleagues and mentors who shared their visions with me. Growing while doing what I loved, I participated in the development of the M.A. in Conflict Analysis and Management at Royal Roads University (RRU) in Victoria, BC, where I served for ten exciting years on what became The Peace and Conflict Studies Division Advisory Board. Almost simultaneously, I co-developed the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Management, also in Victoria, serving as program coordinator and as a learning facilitator on faculty.

Sincerely, Joseph Ravick

Joseph Ravick A 'work in progress'; my condensed autobiography

The Micro Version: Experience:  over the past 35 years… served as negotiator and problem solver, entrepreneur, labour leader and CEO, transformational Mediator, Education program developer and learning facilitator, counsellor and advisor, and freelance Writer.

Education and Learning: Over 60+ years & ongoing ...earned numerous certificates and diplomas, plus...                                                 B. Comm., M.B.A., Ph.D. 

Current initiatives: life, relationships, and conflict management research, coaching, counselling,                                                                education, and publishing.

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